Doble titulación: Grau en Veterinària i Grau en Ciència i Producció Animal


Perfil académico: Doctorado
Departamento: CIENCIA ANIMAL
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Doble titulació: Grau en Veterinària i Grau en Ciència i Producció Animal 3 ZOONOSIS, SALUD PÚBLICA Y BIOSEGURIDAD
Doble titulació: Grau en Veterinària i Grau en Ciència i Producció Animal 6 PRÁCTICAS EN EMPRESA


Proyectos de investigación Fecha inicio Fecha fin Investigadores principales
Identificación y validación de marcadores genéticos asociados a la resilencia a enfermedades infeccionas en cerdos 01/09/2022 31/08/2025 LORENZO JOSÉ FRAILE SAUCE, RAMONA NATACHA PENA SUBIRA
Publicaciones Año Autores Tipo
Molecular mechanisms of poxvirus evolution 2022 Brennan G; Stoian AMM; Yu H; Rahman MJ; Banerjee S; Stroup JN; Park C; Tazi L; Rothenburg S Article d'investigació
Disruption of anthrax toxin receptor 1 in pigs leads to a rare disease phenotype and protection from senecavirus A infection 2022 Chen PR; Rowland RRR; Stoian AM; Petrovan V; Sheahan M; Ganta C; Cino-Ozuna G; Young KD; Dunleavey JM; Whitworth KM; Samuel MS; Spate LD; Cecil RF; Benne JA; Yan X; Fang Y; St Croix B; Lechtenberg K; Article d'investigació
Monkeypox: Immune response, vaccination and preventive efforts 2022 Ophinni Y; Frediansyah A; Sirinam S; Megawati D; Stoian AM; Enitan SS; Akele RY; Sah R; Pongpirul K; Abdeen Z; Aghayeva S; Ikram A; Kebede Y; Wollina U; Subbaram K; Koyanagi A; Serouri AA; Nguendo-Yon Article d'investigació
Stability of African swine fever virus in feed during environmental storage 2022 Niederwerder MC; Khanal P; Foland T; Constance LA; Stoian AMM; Deavours A; Haase K; Cino‐Ozuna AG Article d'investigació
Monkeypox: A Comprehensive Review 2022 Harapan H; Ophinni Y; Megawati D; Frediansyah A; Mamada SS; Salampe M; Bin ET; Winardi W; Fathima R; Sirinam S; Sittikul P; Stoian AM; Nainu F; Sallam M Article d'investigació
LINE-1 retrotransposons facilitate horizontal gene transfer into poxviruses 2022 Rahman MJ; Haller SL; Stoian AMM; Li J; Brennan G; Rothenburg S Article d'investigació
Identification of CD163 regions that are required for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) infection but not for binding to viral envelope glycoproteins 2022 Stoian AMM; Rowland RRR; Brandariz-Nuñez A Article d'investigació
Maladaptation after a virus host switch leads to increased activation of the pro-inflammatory NF-κB pathway 2022 Yu H; Peng C; Zhang C; Stoian AMM; Tazi L; Brennan G; Rothenburg S Article d'investigació
Mutations within scavenger receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) protein domain 5 of porcine CD163 involved in infection with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRS) 2022 Stoian AMM; Rowland RRR; Brandariz-Nuñez A Article d'investigació
SARS-CoV-2 detection and genomic sequencing from hospital surface samples collected at UC Davis 2021 Coil DA; Albertson T; Banerjee S; Brennan G; Campbell AJ; Cohen SH; Dandekar S; Díaz-Muñoz SL; Eisen JA; Goldstein T; Jose IR; Juarez M; Robinson BA; Rothenburg S; Sandrock C; Stoian AMM; Tompkins DG; Article d'investigació
Mitigating the risk of African swine fever virus in feed with anti-viral chemical additives 2020 Niederwerder MC; Dee S; Diel DG; Stoian AMM; Constance LA; Olcha M; Petrovan V; Patterson G; Cino-Ozuna AG; Rowland RRR Article d'investigació
Stability of classical swine fever virus and pseudorabies virus in animal feed ingredients exposed to transpacific shipping conditions 2020 Stoian AMM; Petrovan V; Constance LA; Olcha M; Dee S; Diel DG; Sheahan MA; Rowland RRR; Patterson G; Niederwerder MC Article d'investigació
The use of cells from ANPEP knockout pigs to evaluate the role of aminopeptidase N (APN) as a receptor for porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) 2019 Stoian A; Rowland RRR; Petrovan V; Sheahan M; Samuel MS; Whitworth KM; Wells KD; Zhang J; Beaton B; Cigan M; Prather RS Article d'investigació
Half-Life of African Swine Fever Virus in Shipped Feed 2019 Stoian AMM; Zimmerman J; Ji J; Hefley TJ; Dee S; Diel DG; Rowland RRR; Niederwerder MC Article d'investigació
Adenovirus-vectored African Swine Fever Virus antigen cocktails are immunogenic but not protective against intranasal challenge with Georgia 2007/1 isolate 2019 Lokhandwala S; Petrovan V; Popescu L; Sangewar N; Elijah C; Stoian A; Olcha M; Ennen L; Bray J; Bishop RP; Waghela SD; Sheahan M; Rowland RRR; Mwangi W Article d'investigació
Infectious Dose of African Swine Fever Virus When Consumed Naturally in Liquid or Feed 2019 Niederwerder, M.C.; Stoian, A.M.M.; Rowland, R.R.R.; Dritz, S.S.; Petrovan, V.; Constance, L.A.; Gebhardt, J.T.; Olcha, M.; Jones, C.K.; Woodworth, J.C.; Fang, Y.; Liang, J.; Hefley, T.J. Article d'investigació
Challenges for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) Vaccine Design: Reviewing Virus Glycoprotein Interactions with CD163 and Targets of Virus Neutralization 2019 Stoian, A.M.M.; Rowland, R.R.R. Article d'investigació
Survival of viral pathogens in animal feed ingredients under transboundary shipping models 2018 Dee, S.A.; Bauermann, F.V.; Niederwerder, M.C.; Singrey, A.; Clement, T.; De Lima, M.; Long, C.; Patterson, G.; Sheahan, M.A.; Stoian, A.M.M.; Petrovan, V.; Jones, C.K.; De Jong, J.; Ji, J.; Spronk, G Article d'investigació
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Global and local conformational changes in albumin-ligand interactions through spectroscopic methods 2017 Stoian, A.M.; Matei, I.; Ionescu, S. Article d'investigació
Detection of genotype 1 Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus in swine, using one-step Real-Time PCR for the ORF7 gene 2014 Zaulet, M.; Petrovan, V.; Birladeanu, A.; Nicu, C.; Stoian A.M.; Canareica, O.; Buburuzan, L. Article d'investigació